Slow the effects of aging by keeping your skin fit

SkinFit keeps your skin beautiful and fit at the same time.  Our skin naturally glows when it is healthy so Karen developed SkinFit to do just that. Fitness and beauty for your skin —  at Skinfit — the gym for your skin.

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Karen takes pride and joy in keeping her client’s skin beautiful and healthy

This means you get exceptional, personalized treatments. Karen uses SkinFit to preserve your unique beauty and meet the specific needs of your skin.

Karen uses patented technology to cleanse, extract & hydrate, with nourishing ingredients that create a gratifying glow.

Karen uses patented technology to cleanse, extract & hydrate, with nourishing ingredients that create a gratifying glow.

It is Karen’s mission to reveal the best skin of your life.

Skin confidence instills a deep confidence that amplifies inner beauty. It is Karen’s mission to reveal the best skin of your life.

Karen knows good health means feeling good inside and looking good outside…so she focuses on both. She works out with her personal trainer and follows her own customized SkinFit program, which features HydraFacial.

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Get HydraFacials and keep out of the sun and you will stay beautiful longer.

At SkinFit — the gym for your skin — Karen integrates the best elements for building and preserving beauty

Karen conducted significant research before selecting HydraFacial Technology and Image products to develop her personalized treatment programs.

And she is so serious about building natural, lasting beauty that she housed SkinFit in a health club, so you can treat your skin and exercise your body. After all, our skin is our biggest organ and exercise and sweat cleanses from the inside out and helps the absorption of the precious nutrients her treatments will add.

SkinFit’s technological centerpiece is Hydrafacial’s Vortex Fusion — a vacuum handpiece that pulls out impurities while replacing them with volumizing anti-oxidants, nutrients and peptides.

Karen’s principles of skin beauty include

  • Overall Fitness
  • Hydration
  • Avoiding UV rays from the sun and using sunblock daily
Hyrdrafacial Scotts Valley

SkinFit Advantages for Immediate
and Long-term Results:

  • FDA approved Hydrafacial Technology…The Vortex Fusion works for all skin types
  • Abundance of expertly deployed premium products & after care support. Brittenol boosters, night creams, serum, sun blockers. Your one-stop beauty oasis
  • Convenience of having a world class esthetician in a health club with expert trainers, custom programs & professional equipment
  • Hydrafacial’s profound, gentle power. Deep beauty without redness or time out for sheltering. You can share your refreshed beauty with no down time
  • Medically approved Vortex Fusion can only be administered by trained professionals
  • Synergy of expert esthetician using Image products and HydraFacial Technology within a high level health club

Change Your Relationship to Time and Beauty

Skinfit builds beauty and health in less time than you thought possible

No Downtime

Only 3 steps in 30 minutes give you the best skin of your life. And you can show your beauty right away as opposed to other deep treatments that are so harsh they require a day or two of hiding discolorations and reddened faces. After a SkinFit Hydrafacial, you not only feel great, your face beams right away and you can go on with your daily work and social activities.

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership maximizes the long-term beauty benefits of the Vortex Fusion. You get monthly deep cleaning treatments, which yield a cumulative effect. And in between, you get one of Karen’s thoughtful collection of after-treatments, maybe a mid-month peel, facial hair removal or a mini-facial. Investing in consistent care builds and protects your beauty for the long run.

Multiple Skin Types

Hydrafacial’s Vortex Fusion serves multiple skin types. The patented multi-step process cleanses, exfoliates and extracts deep impurities while replacing them with volumizing nutrients, hydrates and proprietary formulations. Karen individualizes each HydraFacial treatment with premium after care creams, boosters, night creams, serums and sun blockers.

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your skins creates a
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Tailored to your skins specific needs


Peptides that help repair and improve the structure of dermal junctions.


Naturally occurring substances that stimulate cellular growth.


Gently nourishes skin and minimizes the appearance of dark and sun spots.

HydraFacial Technology, which includes the combination of growth gFactors and peptides will handle multiple issues – from acne, enlarged pores, and wrinkles to oily and congested skin. Whether its fine lines, brown spots, or any other skin issue, Karen will use SkinFit to rejuvenate your skin back to its state of beauty. This includes Hydrafacials, which give your skin vibrance, tone, and elasticity.

Make an appointment today to receive a complimentary skin analysis.

Let Karen find the right kind of treatment that fits your skin and your your budget!

SkinFit Monthly Membership

Includes a HydraFacial and a Personalized Treatment Every Month

A treatment every other week, plus 15% off all products


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Combine treatments or choose a la carte

Single Hydrafacial Treatments

Thirty minutes of the Vortex Fusion will clean past the epidermis down to the dermis. HydraFacial Treatments remove and replace impurities with volumizing hydrates, advanced peptides and The Britenol Boost to give instant, long-lasting results with no down time.

Full Facials

One-hour treatment with cleansing, extraction and hydration to minimize dark spots and dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Facials include massaging the neck, shoulders and décolletage. You will look and feel beautiful.

Facial Hair Removal

Smooth removal of women’s facial hair in the most common spots: the chin, cheeks, and the upper lip as needed. Karen quickly and painlessly removes unwanted hair by using the best, appropriate techniques.


Karen’s personal touch with excellent ingredients deliver strong, gentle cleansing. The naturally sourced antioxidants leave your skin radiant, firm and blackhead free.

Mini Facials

Like the full facial but in half the time without the massage. With ongoing mini- treatments, you’ll notice intensely improved resilience, hydration, minimized dark spots and a remarkable reduction of lines and wrinkles

Group Services

Make it an event. Make Skinfit part of your baby shower, wedding party, private beauty nights, company recognition rewards, or any off-site special event.

  • Over a year ago, I developed painful, cystic adult acne on my back. Expensive creams and shower scrubs were not working. So, I tried a Hydrafacial with Karen. After one session, I saw results…my acne was less inflamed and painful. Karen was able to resolve my acne with routine Hydrafacials on my back. For a guy, facials can be intimidating, but Karen makes me feel comfortable and I never feel awkward during the process. It is well worth the investment.

    Justin McCarthy
    Justin McCarthy
    Age 27, Male
  • “I’ve always had trouble fitting facials and skin treatments into my busy work and family schedule. But when I saw Skinfit opened at my gym, I decided to give it a try. I can “fit” it in before or after my workout and no one knows I just had a facial, though everyone keeps commenting on how great my skin looks these days.”

    Jane Lampard
    Jane Lampard
    Age 37, Female

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